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Club Member Pauline Patterson with her appreciation award for 22 years of dedication to the club!

Future Meeting Schedule:

November 9, 2014 (Sunday)
Arcadia Park
405 S. Santa Anita Ave.
Arcadia  CA  91006
Time 9:00 AM
Toy Breeders of Southern California is having a match that day. Enter a Peke or two and come join in the fun!
December 7, 2014 (Sunday)
Orange Country Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa  CA
Time - after Breed judging






The Pacific Coast Pekingese Club held a Concurrent Specialty Show with Los Encinos Kennel Club on Thursday January 16, 2014, in Ventura CA at Seaside Park (Ventura County Fairgrounds).

Meet the Breed Booth

On February 23 and 24, Pacific Coast Pekingese Club hosted its annual Meet the Breed booth at the Silver Bay Kennel Club show in Del Mar, California. Club members contributed time, expertise, and money to make this booth remarkable for attendees. This year’s booth was co-chaired by Steven Hamblin and Lori Stephen.The theme was “Classic China, Classic Dog:The Pekingese.”Paul and Pam Winters fabricated the backdrop – a collapsible framework of PVC pipe covered in thick, waterproof black fabric.Steven Hamblin donated two traditional Chinese scrolls that were custom made to hold full color photographs of club members’ Pekes – and the photos can be easily changed out at will.Paul and Pam lent their carved wooden Foo Dogs as focal points.Nicole Cooper created and donated the beautiful flower arrangement of palm leaves, calla lilies, and lucky bamboo.Table linens and the ex-pen were provided by Sheri Martinez.Festive Chinese New Year decorations accented the sidewalls and tabletop.Lori Stephen coordinated everyone’s busy schedules to provide a working schedule of members to man the booth for two days.Joe McGinnis and Duane Doll graciously offered copies of The Orient Express for interested, potential Peke people to take.Go Pekes!!

 Compared to last year, there was a dramatic increase in general interest. Quite a bit of that was driven by Malachy’s triumph at last year’s Westminster KC show! Though many people could identify a Peke on sight, several people didn’t know what they were or had never actually seen one in person! This was a great opportunity for our Pekes to charm their audience! Many Pekes were troopers in staffing the booth and being charming to everyone that wanted to pet or hold them. The booth was staffed in rotation by teams of club members: Eileen Wersh, Ann Lewis, Lori Stephen, Sheri Martinez, Elizabeth Monacelli, Nicole Cooper, Steven Hamblin, Frank Meister, and Paul & Pam Winters. Our dear friend, Jackie Ragland, even helped staff the booth to meet people and introduce them to our breed. We had a great time showing off our show dogs, new champions, and favorite pets. 

Puppy Picnic

      Like most clubs, we strive to promote the breed. We do our best to educate and help those that love the Pekingese breed and want to know more. We are lucky to have several newcomers that have joined our club and show a sincere desire to show and learn everything they can about the breed.  Many of our more experienced club members spend countless hours mentoring and teaching about breed standard, grooming, show presentation, care, and many other topics.  As a result, our club is growing in numbers.  We wish to thank our newly elected officers for doing such a great job.  To our President Pam Winters, Vice-President Susie Majesky, Secretary Sheri Martinez, and Treasure Frank Meister, we appreciate all you do to keep the club running smoothly and professionally.

Recently, our club had a really fun activity. We usually only get together at shows or club meetings, so we decided to have a “Puppy Picnic Potluck”. We started out with a regular club meeting at a beautiful park in West Los Angeles. Steven Hamblin was appointed the chair person for this event and he did a fantastic job organizing.  Several of our members have been blessed to have litters in the past months. We thought it would be fun to bring the puppies out for a day in the park.  We brought several exercise pens, grooming tables, chairs and umbrellas etc.  to make everyone as comfortable as possible. Everyone brought great food! We had an assortment of tri tip, salads, hor d’oeuvres, and desserts. We even had homemade Sangria.  Our day turned out practically perfect. Even the weather behaved.

The best part about the picnic was we were able to spend time together as friends, rather than competitors. At shows we are focused on presenting. This day was focused on getting to know each other better, and spending time with the puppies.  There were over 30 wonderful Pekingese that came to this event. We were all able to “coo” and “ahhhh” over each other’s wonderful breeding’s.  Not only did we have club members in attendance, but also several people came that had purchased Pekingese as pets and or show potential who are not yet members of the club. It was so much fun to meet everyone and see everyone’s wonderful Pekes.

The day was very successful in many different ways.  First of all, it is important for a club to spend time together in social settings and to become friends. It felt great to let our hair down and be ourselves without the stress of being at a show. Who doesn’t love puppies? Seeing so many together was heartwarming to say the least. Several people from the park came up to our group, and asked many questions about the breed. People were in awe over these beautiful lion dogs. We were able to educate and promote the breed. As you are aware many people have never seen a show Pekingese.  

Sheri Martinez (Amerglo Pekingese), who has earned a wonderful reputation as one of the best groomers around, spent hours helping some of the newcomers with grooming tips and going over the dogs. It was great of her to share her talents and skills. We were also excited to have Ziggy, the famous painting Pekingese join us for the day.  We took pictures, we played games, we had an auction of some lovely baskets, we ate, we socialized and we had fun. One member of another Pekingese club said after seeing some of the pictures from the day said “I wish our local Pekingese clubs did things like that”.

Hopefully, the Pacific Coast Pekingese Club will continue to grow as we strive to continue to promote the breed and produce wonderful dogs.  We appreciate all who attended this event and gave their time and efforts in making our day a success.

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